E-Learning Platform

E-Learning Platform aims to reach potential and existing entrepreneurs through digital to provide a user-centered learning experience without time and space constraints. Eight additional training modules developed for micro-entrepreneurs can be accessed through the platform.

  • Basic Financial Literacy - Empower yourself by building confidence in financial decision making.
  • Business Planning Development - Plan a great idea and the future of your business now.
  • Cultural Sensitivity - Collaborate within cultural diversity.
  • E-Commerce - Reach new customers through different channels at lower costs.
  • Effective Communication - Manage your customer relationships with effective communication methods.
  • Employability - Gain good, promising, and innovative skills that will increase your employability.
  • Marketing and Branding - Create your brand and build a strong marketing strategy to deliver your brand to your customers.
  • Networking - Expand your business networking channels.

After completing the modules, they can receive online certificates provided by Sparkassenstifung Turkey. The language of the trainings is Turkish.

After completing their registration to the training portal from the link below, users can access the E-Learning Platform on the home page and receive their participation certificates after completing all the sections of the trainings.