Micro Business Game

As German Sparkassenstiftung, we provide Micro Business Game training so that potential and existing entrepreneurs can manage their businesses sustainably and successfully. Micro Business Game is a highly interactive training for newly established businesses, micro businesses and small businesses that want to develop.

In the haptic board simulation “Micro Business Game”, entrepreneurs manage a small fruit juice store. During the training, groups are formed, and each group acquires basic financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills by making decisions for their stores while managing their own business. They gain access to technical knowledge in basic areas of business management such as accounting, procurement, production, customer relations, marketing, technology, and competition. For the business to grow and business opportunities to be evaluated, group members make decisions together regarding the situations encountered.

Participants manage their business's "money" by moving it around the board over four rounds. Throughout the training, participants gain knowledge on financial terms, managing the business efficiently, growing in the market by making the necessary investments, and using credit.

The overall objective of the "Micro Business Game" training is to experience how to manage micro and small-scale businesses with an experience-based approach.

During the training, participants gain a clearer perspective on basic business management and discover how to manage their businesses more successfully and sustainably.

The Key Learnings of the Micro Business Game Training:

  • Obtaining financial information about all economic factors affecting the business,
  • Understanding the thinking and acting like an entrepreneur,
  • Learning the methods of developing micro and small-scale businesses,
  • Exploring the challenges and opportunities that may be encountered as one progresses as an entrepreneur,
  • Understanding the basic accounting and control principles and applying simple financial tools,
  • Developing a deep customer relationship management and acquiring basic marketing knowledge,
  • Being aware of market dynamics and making effective competitor analysis,
  • Understanding the interface between financial institutions and customers and making relevant inferences.

“Micro Business Game” training takes three full days face to face and five half days online.

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