Our Team in Turkey

Sparkassenstiftung Turkey has evolved into an enthusiastic team of dedicated people. Below, you’ll find a picture of each team member and few details of what they do here and their career.

Hande Demirtola Meydan

Country Representative Turkey


Hande Demirtola Meydan is a country representative at Sparkassenstiftung Turkey where Mrs. Demirtola manages financial inclusion projects for refugees and hosting communities. Mrs. Demirtola is also an international trainer of Sparkassenstiftung.

Mrs. Demirtola started her career in 2003. With her 18 years’ experience in business life, Mrs. Demirtola worked for global brands like IKEA, Biletix and she worked as marketing manager in Red Bull for 7 years. Mrs. Demirtola establish her own company named IRIS Group and gave consultancy services to international organizations, ministries, and EU projects to build and implement all kinds of communication, marketing strategies including event organization and media relations for 4 years.

Mrs. Demirtola graduates from TED Ankara College and Başkent University department of Communication. She was born in 1980 and lives in Ankara.

Amine Malik

Financial Sector Coordinator


Amine Malik is working as the Financial Sector Coordinator in the Sparkassenstiftung Turkey office. Amine, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), has experience in management of international projects related to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME’s). Amine has developed strong expertise in researching, recommending and leading the implementation of many market-based and sustainable solutions targeted towards financial inclusion, poverty alleviation and women empowerment.

Ezgi Başak Aydın

Southeastern Anatolia Regional Coordinator


Ezgi Başak Aydın is graduated from METU, Department of Political Science and Public Administration. She is working in Sparkassenstiftung Turkey as Southeastern Anatolia Regional Coordinator. She is based in Gaziantep province. Before joining the team, she had senior management experience in international humanitarian organizations and took part in many projects specificly targeting Syrian refugees and displaced communities. She represented the organizations at humanitarian summits in Turkey and also participated in workshops, seminars and trainings on humanitarian responses in Europe, Middle East and North Africa countries.

Gözde Özsümer

Training Coordinator


Gözde Özsümer is a Training Specialist at Sparkassenstiftung Turkey. Gözde has been graduated from Bilkent University with B.A. degree in Department of Communication and Design as a major.

Ms.Özsümer has more than 6 years’ experience in consulting, supporting project management and business development with a focus on international donor funds projects. She has been working in collaboration with experts, public, private institutions for the implementation of the projects. The activities she participates range from the beginning for project development and implementation through the day-to-day planning and implementing for the smooth running of the project.

Hazal Aksoydan Vural

İstanbul Training Specialist


Hazal Aksoydan is graduated from Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Enviromental Design. She had also completed her MFA in ‘Analyzing student satisfaction with blended learning’ at the same department. Before joining the Sparkassenstiftung Turkey Team as Training Specialist- İstanbul, she had worked as Red Bull Field Marketing Specialist at Marmara and Anatolian Regions for 6 years, in the fields of marketing, events and holistic project management. As a believer of lifetime and multi-disciplinary learning, she had completed the international training module ‘LEAD: Learning and Development’.

Eylül Akın

Training Specialist


Eylul Akın, who obtained her B.Sc. degree in Department of Business Administration from Middle East Technical University, works as a Training Specialist in Sparkassenstiftung Turkey Team.

Mrs. Akın has worked at consultancy companies that carries out EU funded projects focused on NGOs and rights-based studies in Turkey, as well as international non-governmental organizations. She has 4 years of experience in project management and execution, administrative tasks and business development in projects supported by international donors.

Serra Yavaş

Project Assistant


Serra Yavaş works as a 'Project Assistant' in Sparkassenstiftung Turkey team responsible for finance, administrative affairs, project support, etc. in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. She is based in Gaziantep Office.

Serra Yavaş, who graduated from Hasan Kalyoncu University, Department of Political Science and International Relations in 2017, supported the Middle East and North Africa regional teams as an assistant in international humanitarian aid, consultancy and international trade sectors.