Savings Game

As German Sparkassenstiftung, we provide Savings Game Training for families, young adults and people with small-scale family businesses who want to manage their family budget successfully and increase their savings.

In the haptic board simulation “Savings Game”, participants take part in a three-round learning experience that will prove to be both challenging and rewarding. During the training, groups are formed, and each group manages its own family budget. Throughout the training, each group competes to achieve the highest quality of life score. While increasing their financial literacy, they understand the importance of balancing the quality of life by saving.

As family members, participants make daily decisions as they move through various important stages of life, such as growing up, going to school, getting married, caring for children and elderly family members. When family members face certain difficulties or want to buy something, they decide together what to do. By jointly managing the household budget, they try to use the resources at their disposal as effectively as possible and strive together to achieve the family goal set at the beginning of the training and improve the quality of life.

The overall objective of the "Savings Game" training is to experience how to manage the family budget and save effectively with an experience-based approach.

During the training, participants learn basic economic concepts to manage the family budget, save money and choose the right financial institutions to invest their savings.

The Key Learnings of the Savings Game Training:

  • Understanding important concepts such as inflation, collateral, and liquidity,
  • Understanding the meaning of the family budget and important components such as income and expenses,
  • Determining and managing personal and family budget,
  • Gaining awareness of distinguishing current and future needs and desires, to be able to plan for potential and existing risks,
  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of savings,
  • Understanding the differences between saving through a financial institution and using other methods of savings,
  • Ability to identify and choose a reliable financial institution.

“Savings Game” training takes two full days face to face and five half days online.

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