Start & Improve Your Business

Sparkassenstiftung Turkey aims to develop potential and current initiatives and financial literacy and business skills of potential employees with the Savings Game and Micro Business Game training and other additional training modules within the scope of the projects it carries out.

In addition to the trainings prepared for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates, "Employability" training will be provided for those who want to start their business life under the roof of an institution. The aim of the Employability training module will be explained to new graduates or job seekers, starting from how and through which channels to look for a job, to making the right job interview and to the details of preparing a resume.

Potential Entrepreneurs

Are you dreaming of becoming a social entrepreneur, looking to unlock your potential, growing your venture and creating impact for you and the society?
Our project is supporting you to reach your dreams through information, training and finding ways of accessing finance!

Existing Entrepreneurs

Do you want to grow your existing businesses and take it to the next level?
Our project is supporting you to improve your efficiency and capacity, as well accessing finance for your businesses!


Are you a new graduate and have lots of questions on your minds?
Our project is supporting you to find individual answers for unknowns on business world and suitable job